The Tie (FBC’s Weekly Newsletter) for February 23 2017

The Tie (FBC’s Weekly Newsletter) for February 23 2017

The Tie comes out each week on Thursdays to let the whole Church family know what’s happening on Sunday and beyond at FBC. It’s been exciting to see what God is doing here at FBC, but we know there is much more He’s doing that we get to participate in. We are glad you are with us in this big family!

From your Pastor….

Church Family,

One year ago this weekend, the Lord saw fit to call us to serve at First Baptist Church on Park Street. Although we did not arrive on the field until late April, our relationship began over this weekend, one year ago. Through a number of Town Hall type meetings, Q & A’s, and our Sunday morning worship together, the Lord made it clear to all of us that He intended for us to serve together.

Since then much has taken place! We’ve incorporated some new elements into our worship gatherings (standing to read Scripture, sharing the name of one we are praying for during pastoral prayer, sharing about the persecuted church during pastoral prayer, joint worship on fifth Sundays, etc). We’ve just passed a new Constitution and Bylaws. We honored Pastor Ray for his 28 years of faithful service as the Worship Pastor at FBC.  And, we’ve received a generous gift from Lois Lovern’s estate.

With respect to the Lovern estate gift, I am excited to share that we will be launching a 40 Days of Prayer effort. The goal is for the Lord to guide all of us to his perfect and pleasing will with respect to how we utilize those resources. Few things can cause dissention in a church as quickly as money. We do not want that to happen here. We want to remain united in everything we do, including determining the best way to honor Ms. Lois and to further God’s kingdom with these resources. The best way to figure that out is not to get all the smart folks in a room to talk about it; rather, it is for every one of us to get on our knees and talk to the Lord about it. And, ask Him to talk to us!

A 40 Days of Prayer devotional guide has been developed (with helpful input from our staff and Mrs. Jeanne Bailes) for you to use. Each day you will find an area of ministry to pray about, helpful direction for your prayers, and a passage of Scripture to reflect on. In addition, we are asking you to pray specifically for FBC and the Lovern estate for ten minutes, every Tuesday at Noon. “Ten Minute Tuesdays” will help unite the entire church at the same time on the same day. The first “Ten Minute Tuesday” will be Tuesday, March 14th.

Lord willing, the journey that we began a year ago is just getting started! I am excited about what God has already accomplished in our midst and all that He will do in and through us. I am thrilled to be on this journey with you!

As you prepare your hearts for worship this Sunday, please read Mark 2:1-12 as we continue our new series “reMARKable,” a study of the gospel of Mark. I hope to see you Sunday with a smile on your face, a Bible in your hand, and an unchurched friend at your side.

It’s a joy to be your pastor,

Pastor Rob
Eph 3:20-21

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