Series: Christmas Songs

Zechariah’s Song & Songs for Our Savior

Dr. Rob Pochek | December 16, 2018

Topic: Praise

Book: Luke

Even the Grinch ends up singing at Christmas. It’s cultural, but its cultural because Christians have made it part of the culture. Why have we done this? Because there are so many songs in Scripture leading to the brith of Christ! There’s Mary’s song, the Angel’s song, Simeon’s song, and this week Pastor Rob looks at Zechariah’s song. Zechariah’s song bursts forth in praise after nine months of silence given by the Lord, silence given because of his doubt.

Appropriately, this Sunday our choir burst forth in praise with songs for our Savior. They moved us to burst forth as well, regardless of any doubts we may have, moving us all with joy for our God and a taste of what it will be like when we are in the presence of our Lord, Savior, and friend every day! Grab a cup of cocoa or coffee, connect to your very best speakers, and be moved to joy alongside with us as we all sing praise together.