Series: Learning to Pray

The Protection of Prayer

Dr. Rob Pochek | October 7, 2018

Topic: Prayer, Satan

Book: Luke

There is a straight road in following Christ…but it is not an easy road. When it comes to the way both believers and unbelievers think about trials in the life of Christians, there are ditches on both sides of the road that a follower of Christ can fall into. One one side is the non-Christian skeptic who calls out “if your God is so powerful, why are you suffering?” (kind of like they called out to Christ on the cross.) On the other side is the mistaken belief that once we become Christians, God will providentially remove all trouble from our life. Both are deep ditches, and dangerous. Both suppose this world is an easier place for believers to live…but we already have that place reserved, and it is called heaven. here? We are born into battle, and bloodshed, and pain. Our role is to fight the battles that God allows us to have. Our main adversary is the adversary – Satan, the accuser. He, and all who follow him, tempt us to sin and despair.

This message is a reminder that while we are in a battle, our refuge is not in our strength, but in the strength of the Lord. The Lord’s prayer is a battle prayer, a prayer for protection from spiritual temptation. So sing, pray, and hear alongside the body of Christ at FBC as we learn to pray a prayer of protection from our real enemy.