"The Anticipation of Prayer" with Dr. Rob Pochek - vimeo Video
Series: Learning to Pray

The Anticipation of Prayer

Dr. Rob Pochek | September 23, 2018

Topic: Prayer

Book: Luke

Lordship. This is not a common word or concept in America today. After all, we are captain of our own fate, right?
Well, no. Not really. Not if we are honest with ourself. None of us fed ourselves, clothed ourselves, or gave birth to ourself. The very concept is absurd! But once we are grown, we want to become independent and on our own. That’s why the Christian concept of Lordship is so very jarring, and the Lord’s prayer is jarring. It makes us face the reality that we are not captain and commander of ourself, but rather we have a Lord. Someone in charge. And that someone can give us commands, which is why the Lord’s prayer helps us understand that Christ’s Lordship is here already…but not yet fully here. So sing with us, pray with us, and anticipate the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.