Series: Preach the Word

Take it Personally

Daniel Chambers | November 25, 2018

Topic: Adoption

Book: Romans

Romans chapter 8 is a magnificent theological chapter, beginning with our justification before God and ending with the praise we will sing when we are with God. All great! But something is missing in that description, and that’s how we are to live here-and-now, in our day-to-day life as a follower of Christ. While it’s missing from that description, it’s not missing from Romans 8, but is right in the middle: we live as children of God, sons in the Son. It’s not us who make that determination, but the very Spirit of God testifying with our spirit that we are his children. Come listen to this message by Daniel Chambers and see how this destroys our old self, gives us a new family, and opens our eyes to the magnificent, marvelous majesty of God our Father.