Series: Christmas Songs

Simeon’s Song

Dr. Rob Pochek | December 30, 2018

Topic: Praise

Book: Luke

Imagine that you’ve been a faithful follower of God your whole life.
(It’s hard already, isn’t it. We immediately remember all those things that we did…)

Then imagine that it’s not just any God you follow, but the God of Jacob, Issac, and Abraham. You are waiting, groaning for the Messiah to come, hoping against hope that you would see him. A lifetime of anticipation, but never fulfilled.

And then, it is. He’s there, with you, a wee little one. But you know him, know he is THE one. What else can you do but burst into song? This is Simeon’s song, the last of the songs in our series Christmas Songs, and the fitting finale. Let your heart sing as well, realizing that we do not have to wait with fearful anticipation…for God is with us. Jesus has come, and Jesus reigns!