Series: Learning to Pray

One More Thing

Dr. Rob Pochek | October 14, 2018

Topic: Prayer

Book: Luke

One more thing…just one more thing for you to consider in the series Learning to Pray…and that’s your response. We’ve been looking together at God’s words to us from Jesus as recored in Luke chapter 11. These words taught us how to pray to our Father with hope, anticipation, dependence and for our protection. Now, the question is, what will you do with this understanding of prayer? Will you ignore it? Will it be a burden, a duty, something you know you should do but don’t (and then feel guilty about it.) That’s not the point. The point is that to pray well and constantly and have your prayers suffuse your life, you have to know Jesus. Not know about Jesus…but know him. Then he will show you the Father, and send you the Holy Spirit (and the Holy Spirit knows how to pray!) This is the One More Thing that you need to listen to to make sure the rest of your prayer relationship moves from “have to” to “want to”.

FBC’s Youth Praise Team with youth Pastor Ben Saunders led the worship for the entire multi-generational church family today, just one of the many ways we are pointing generations to Jesus.