You may not hear a more applicable sermon this year. In this final message in the Easter series "The REZ Factor", Pastor Rob takes us to Jesus and Peter, after Peter proclaimed publicly that he would rather die with Jesus than deny Jesus. After Peter then denied Jesus. And denied Jesus. And denied Jesus.The, the resurrection. The REZ factor says the resurrection changes...everything. And it does. Why? Because Jesus took the initiative in restoring Peter, publicly, and affirming he would give everything for Jesus. God didn't ask Peter to do this, he took the initiative. he loved the undeserving. And, as followers and with the Holy Spirit empowering us, we, too, can love the undeserving and forgive those who have betrayed us. We've all be betrayed. Let us all pursue healing in the name of Jesus Christ.
Series: The REZ Factor

Love the Underserving

Dr. Rob Pochek | April 28, 2019

Topic: Grace

Book: John