Series: Preach the Word

If God is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

Dr. Don Whitney | November 4, 2018

Topic: God, Grace, Gospel

Book: Romans

The Scriptures cry out “If God is for us, who can be against!” These are stirring words, yet many of us acknowledge them with our lips but show by our lives that…we don’t believe them. And this is the greatest unkindness we can do to God. After all, he gives us his Holy Spirit to us and even has the Holy Spirit pray for us when we can’t pray. He takes everything that ever happens to us, even the worst things, and blesses us. He knows every sin we would ever commit, and loves us anyways. He makes us more than the angels, more like Christ Himself, who he sent to be like us and die for us. What greater evidence of Love could there be? Join in as we worship the Lord in song, prayer, and hearing his word proclaimed by Dr. Don Whitney of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.