Series: Faith that Works

Faith and the Power of the Tongue

Dr. Rob Pochek | February 17, 2019

Topic: Faith, Grace, Healing

Book: James

Motorcycles: small but powerful vehicles. Espresso: small but powerful coffee. The tongue: Such small part of the body…and yet, so powerful. With it we can speak life, joy, delight, truth, healing. With it we can speak death, pain, sorrow, and heartache. All of this points to the truth that our words have power. That’s not all, though, for words reveal our heart. When we say “I didn’t mean that”, we likely did, but we just did not like what it pointed out about our heart. But you can’t control it either, which is why our words drive us to the grace that only God can provide through his Holy Spirit.

Come listen to this message from the letter James, brother of Jesus, wrote. Hear the music and sing along to songs familiar and new. Pray along with us. Be transformed by the work of God in your life as you hear his words.