"An All Important Request" with Dr. Rob Pochek - vimeo Video
Series: Learning to Pray

An All Important Request

Dr. Rob Pochek | September 2, 2018

Topic: Prayer

Book: Luke

A core tenet of Christianity is that Jesus Christ is God. And yet, when he was here on earth, he didn’t just talk about prayer, he modeled it. He was a praying man…so much so that the disciples petitioned him ┬áto teach them. They did not ask him to teach how to pray 5 ways, or what the right words would be, or even asked him the power of prayer. Instead, they asked “Lord, teach us to pray.” In this all-important request the disciples we assign to learn the heart of being a man or woman who desires a relationship with God. And relationships between people have conversation continually.

Do you feel powerless? Do you feel purposeless? Perhaps it is prayerlessness that is the root problem. Listen to the worship, sing the songs, hear the word preached, and pray with us as we delve into a new series called “Learning to Pray” with this all-important request: Lord, teach us to pray.