Cristi's Story

Ethan’s Asperger’s made him very anxious, so he would always scream and cry. When we came to FBC, instead of being asked to “make him stop”, Pathway got him his own special buddy that worked with him weekly. His buddy really got to know and love him. Not too long after that first Sunday, Ethan looked forward to seeing his buddy, and, because he trusted her, he could settle in class and focus. Which then meant we could settle in class and focus. Sunday with the Church became a much needed time of calm instead of loud, tear-filled wars.

Pathway is following the guidance from FBC’s Covid Advisory Team.

You can read the full details and reasons for our changes here.

  • We are mask-optional throughout our facility, including buddies.
  • Parents are the authority to decide if their children will wear a mask, and we support your decision.
  • We have reserved seating in the sanctuary for Pathway families who desire a little more distance for health concerns.
  • Please fill out the intake form so we can best meet your child’s needs.

Because everyone needs a gospel path

God’s heart is for all people, regardless of their circumstances, needs, or abilities. Pathway Special Needs Community is a path for those with special needs or disabilities (as well as their families) to grow in God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.
In Pathway, we use the buddy system to work with children with disabilities. A trained member of the church volunteers to work one on one in a Sunday School class to make sure their needs are being met and they are learning about Christ. Youth and adults who come into our ministry are given a buddy (if needed) or given additional support that allows them to worship with us.

Disability teaches us we all need the Gospel

Disability reaffirms that God loves us and there is nothing we can offer Him.

Disability reminds us that we all need a savior to save us from our broken world.

Disability reveals the idols that challenge our loyalty to the one true god.

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Every situation has unique needs. To best respect that uniqueness, please fill out the form linked below. It will allow us to make a path for your family.
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