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At FBC, everything begins with the Word of God: the Bible.

Why? Because to know God, we need to hear from Him. While everything else changes, the Word of God doesn’t. We do this, together, gathering and reading God’s word, asking His Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us. While we live our lives imperfectly like everyone else, we grow in a loving relationship with God and life-enriching relationships with one another. Click below to find a group for you.

Sunday School Group

There’s No School like Sunday school.

You may think about flannel graphs, or you may never have been to Sunday school. We call all our Sunday morning groups Sunday school, and it is for every age & stage of life. At Fist Baptist, Sunday school:

  • Educates us from the word of God
  • Encourages us to love one another
  • Equips us for a life of ministry

All groups meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. There are groups for kids in FIRSTkids, youth in PSYM, and adults in every age and stage. 

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Wednesday Night Groups

Wednesday Night Groups

Marriage Bible Study with Bryce and Rachel Mitchell (Starts March 23rd)

Men’s Bible Study with Bryce Mitchell – “Do you Believe?”

Women’s Bible Study with Rachel Mitchell – “Do you Believe?”

Pastor’s Bible Study on Proverbs 

Life Recovery with Matt Street 

Divorce Care with Tina Snider and Wendy Davis 

Women's Groups

Every woman is made in the image and likeness of God.

Because of that, our true worth comes from God alone. The world will tell us that our value is based on our looks, on our status, on the behavior of our children. By fits and starts, it will tell us that we are amazing and then that we are nothing at all. But here at FBC Park Street, we walk together, encouraging one another in what is true. God has been zealous for us. Let our hearts be zealous for Christ!

Women’s Groups

Men's Groups

MEN were made to create, protect, and restore what’s been broken in this world.

And we ain’t supposed to do it by ourselves. Come along as we gladly accept the sacrificial responsibility of leading our families and the church as directed by God’s word…taking no account of what culture tries to pass off as masculinity.

Men’s Groups

We would be delighted to guide you to a group. Let us know!