Hymn Sing and Ice Cream Social
  • 735 Park Street
    Chalottesville, VA, 22947

  • First Baptist Church

Hymn Sing and Ice Cream Social

Ice cream is great, one of the really good things in God’s creation.
Singing is great, one of the ways we celebrate God’s creation

It seems both theologically accurate and really joyful to put them together into one event!

¬†Okay, you got us. We just love ice cream, and singing together, so we put ’em together. This is a straight-up fun event for the whole family…and if you are a brother or¬†sister in Christ, you are part of the family!

One piano. Call out a song, we’ll sing it! Once we sing a bunch, we’ll move to the fellowship hall to eat ice cream. Who is bringing the ice cream? You are! But if you forget, no problem, we’ll have plenty.