Hollymead Men’s Community Group
  • 121 Community Street
    Charlottesville, VA, 22903

  • Panera Bread at Hollymead

Hollymead Men’s Community Group

As guys, we often have busy schedules and plenty of excuses for avoiding the kind of relationships with other men that God desires us to have. Committing to a group helps us get past our busyness and excuses and connect with each other. That’s what these groups are: a commitment to not going it alone.

This Fall, our men’s community groups are reading and discussing Know. Be. Do. by Larry Thompson. Know Be Do tackles the concept that most┬áChristians lead a life of frustration, futility, and failure. They feel they never live up to God’s standards and live out His commands. They define Christianity by what they do and don’t do. He asserts that they’re living the Christian life upside down, and they don’t even realize it. Know Be Do turns the Christian life right side up. With powerful stories and winsome wit that make it an engaging read, Know Be Do shows you how to intimately, biblically know God, how to accept and employ your position in Christ (be), and how to act on His authority and appropriate His power (do).

It’s best read with other men, discussing and applying the concepts and action together.