Worship is our response to God’s great love for each of us.

Loving God is the reason we were created by God. We gather to worship together to give praise and thanksgiving to God, to profess our devotion to Him, to receive inspiration and instruction for living, and to encourage one another in our common faith. We worship through singing, praying, reading God’s Word, hearing the preached Word, giving of tithes and offerings, and by responding to God’s invitation to eternal life and holy living.

God made us to enjoy bright, vibrant, living relationships. He is the God of relationships. In fact, life is about relationships. The relationship designed by God for communion with His people is first an upward relationship— one that reflects our worship of God and the personal relationship we have with Him. (David Wheeler & Vernon Whaley)

We worship as followers of Christ have for millennia, giving the first and best of our week on Sunday morning.

During this Sunday worship service, families are welcome to worship together. If you prefer, preschoolers are cared for by adults in a structured learning environment appropriate to their particular ages.