Personal Evangelism in Action

Daytona: home of the Daytona motor speedway and the largest gathering of bikers this side of the Mississippi.  The Daytona Bike Rally is the inaugural event for the motorcycle riding season, and is the largest rally of the year with an annual attendance of over 500,000 visitors.  These bikers need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. 

That’s where you come in. We’re part of FAITH riders, a group of bikers who love the Lord and want to share about him with everyone. We go to bike week and, working with dozens of FAITH Riders from around the nation, share Jesus with the bikers. The FAITH Rider Testimonial Tent is set up at the Daytona International Speedway in the trade show area, not on main street. Under the tent is where we share our 3-minute testimonials with those willing to hear the Good News for a chance to win a motorcycle. Over the last 10 years FAITH Riders has shared the LOVE of Christ with 32,961 Gospel presentations, and 3,628 Salvations.

This is not a biker only event, if you prefer to drive, no problem, ALL are welcome.  There are many folks who participate who don’t ride motorcycles at these events. 

there are two steps to registration

Step 1: All participants need to register with FAITH Rider HQ, the cost is $50.  These funds pay for the cost of the space at the speedway and the motorcycle which is give away at the end of the week. That link is here:

Step 1: Register with FBC, below.


MARCH 10 – Depart – FBC Park Street to Comfort Inn North Savanna

– Gather: 7:30am – Photo – Depart: 8:00 ~ 100-120 mile stops ~ 530 miles – ETA: 5:00pm

– Lunch at Parker’s BBQ Wilson NC (Pork or Chicken – BRING CASH)

MARCH 11 – Comfort Inn to Daytona Speedway – Gather: 8:00am – Depart: 8:30 ~ 100-120 mile stops ~ 230 miles – ETA: 11:00am

– Check in at FAITH Rider Headquarters

– We will work the FAITH Rider Testimony Tent this evening

– Return to La Quinta Inn St. Augustine ~ 60 miles – ETA: 8:00pm

MARCH 12 – Work the FAITH Rider Testimony Tent this afternoon 4hrs

MARCH 13 – Daytona Speedway to Sleep Inn North Savanna

– Check out prep vehicles for departure

– We will work the FAITH Rider Testimony Tent this morning departing for Savanna afterward

– Gather: 12:00 – Depart: 12:30 ~ 100-120 mile stops ~ 230 miles – ETA: 4:00pm

MARCH 14 – Sleep Inn North Savanna to Charlottesville
– Gather: 7:30am – Depart: 8:00 ~ 100-120 mile stops ~ 530 miles – ETA: 5:00pm
– Lunch at Best-N-Burger, Wilson NC

Register for the trip