Missions are as broad  and deep as your imagination will allow it to be. The World is huge! The need is Great! Our God is Awesome. He has chosen to use people to tell others of His love, His plan and His glory. He has a place for YOU and will use you if you will let Him! (93 year-old FBC member on mission.)

Deep roots. New growth. In the 1800’s FBC sent Lottie Moon, the first female missionary, to Asia, and we still have missionaries there today. We take the great commission seriously, and seek to go into our community, our country, and all the continents with the love of Christ.

I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone when I stepped off the plane on foreign mission for the first time. I had been a nurse for many years by then, but I had never seen a child dying of cerebral malaria right in front of me with no way to help them. I had never told someone they must go to the hospital immediately, only to be told they had no money and could not go.  I had helped at VBS and sung in the choir, but I had never really talked to anybody ( in English or through an interpreter!) about how to accept Jesus as their Savior. All of a sudden I was dropped off in the middle of a village and expected to preach with two other Americans as equally afraid as I was! Somehow through God’s grace, we talked to 17 people that day and had enough declarations of faith that the interpreter said they would start a church for those people the next week “under the mango tree”.  I cried every day I was there, but I also laughed and worshipped and prayed more than I thought possible!  I was appalled at the filth and disease and poverty, but humbled and shamed by the joy and pure delight in which the Ugandan people praised the Lord. The experience changed my life forever. (An FBC Member on mission.)

Missions at FBC is not meant to be a one-time trip or service project – it is taking the gospel to places where there are people who have never understood it, and returning to disciple them. This might be people in our lives every day – where we live, shop, and work…or all the way across the world.

The first word of the great commission compels our obedience. It also translates into love for Jesus said – “If you love Me you will obey My commandments.” Going confirms both our obedience and love. Go with us. (Another FBC member on mission.)


We love this place! Our roots here are deep, and we know God put us here to serve this community through His good news. From a soup kitchen right here and across five counties, we love this community because God first loved us.


America is a unique and special place in the world today. We love this nation, and desire to see everyone here know the love and power of Jesus Christ. We do in-country missions the same way we do all our mission work: intentionally investing lots of time, resources, and people into specific areas. We stay active in those areas for years, preaching, teaching, helping, growing.


Our missions efforts – community, country, continents – are funded by gifts to our World Mission Offering. Never wanting our mission efforts to be shortchanged by emergencies, gifts to this offering received in one year are used to pay for the next year’s missions work of our Church. That means we always fully fund our promises. Come join us as we point generations to Jesus!

My first Mission Trip…was an eye opening experience.  I couldn’t get over how happy the people of Uganda were. They had “nothing” as us Americans would say, but they always had a smile on their face.  Lillian, was a worker from Arise Africa that worked with our team each day.  It was a medical mission with evangelism mixed in, the medical would bring the people out and we would use the opportunity to tell them about Jesus. One evening she was telling me about how she’d go visit the people after our team had returned to America, and she noticed that they all seemed “better”…At first she said, she thought it was the medications we’d dispensed, but after further observation, realized it was the love that we’d shared with the people that made them “better”!….It doesn’t take any special skills to share Jesus Love with others……anyone can be a missionary! (One more FBC member on mission to share the love and power of Jesus Christ!)