Pointing Generations To Jesus

Sermons by Rob Pochek

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Lord of the Sabbath

So, you wake up and already you’re having a bad day. Coffee spills, dog is pestering you, kids are all out of sorts…you know that day. So you go to the local six-bucks-a-cup coffeeshop and as you are in line, someone you’ve shared Christ with recognizes you and asks “I’ve been thinking about getting that […]

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Following Christ

Even though Adam and Eve turned their hearts from God, God did not turn his back on them. Instead, he said that he would make a way, and that way was one who would turn the hearts of the people back to him. From Abraham and Moses, David through the prophets, that one way was continually […]

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Baptism and Temptation

When we think of life as a Christian, it’s easy to think salvation is the end. At that point, it can be “happily ever after.” But then we’ve redefined happiness, and it ain’t biblical. First off, if we follow Jesus then we will follow him under the water in baptism by immersion.  When Jesus was […]


The King is Born

The Story of Everything series shows how all of Scripture points to Christ, and culminates when the King comes. Fittingly, this message was given on Christmas Day, when we celebrate Jesus’s coming! Since everything in the scriptures point to Christ, his birth is quite the moment…even the listing of 14x14x14 generations in the gospel of Matthew […]