Pointing Generations To Jesus

Sermons by Mark Long

Senior Associate Pastor


Five Keys to a Strong Marriage

Most of us have a lot of trouble working through all of our own issues. When we get married, now we have to deal with ourself and another person…all in the same house! No wonder marriage is under assault today. Using God’s word, humor, and five keys to a strong marriage, Pastor Mark Long channels years of […]


The Healing of Naaman

Much of the Old Testament is a story of God’s Israel and His people. Very rarely are outsiders mentioned. One often overlooked part of God’s redemptive history is the story of the healing of Naaman. Listen as Rev. Long dives into this story to bring out timeless truths.


Abandon Control

Pastor Mark Long challenges the FBC family with a call to stop trying to control every aspect of our life, but instead trust that our God has our highest and best in mind…even if it does not appear that way.