Wednesday Eve Connect

Wednesday Eve Connect

Replenish. It’s to fill something up again, to restore something to its previous condition.

When Christ rescues a man or woman, he has begun the process of restoration and the Holy Spirit will see it through. We’re not idle in this process. We worship on Sundays, grow in word and prayer, and go forth to serve the one who loves us so he gave his life to rescue us. None of this, though, is to be done in a vacuum. It’s to be done in connection with one another.

Enter Wednesday nights. We meet together to share a meal, and then go forth to any one of the following activities:

  • Children’s Music / kids

  •  Re-Fuel / youth

  •  WOW Bible study / women

  •  REAL Bible Study / men

  •  Bible study with Pastor Rob / all

The meal is only $5 / person, capped at $15 / family (yes, you read that right! We are all about family.) Let us know you are joining us, below:

Wednesday Night Supper Registration

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    Please note meals are $5 each, capped at $15 for a family. We buy all the supplies ahead of time, so payment is needed if you come or not. Thanks for understanding!
    This is really a semi-permanent list. You can of course cancel at any time. But we'd love to have you.
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